Register Returning Rider

There are 4 steps to register for the team each year, including 2 fees:

1. Submit the registration form (at the bottom of this page). Please note: your spot on the team is NOT reserved until step 2 is completed.

2. Pay team dues (here on our web site).

3. An additional fee is paid to the SoCal league during the league registration on the PitZone (which has varied between $100-200 over the last couple years). After you complete step 2, an invitation to the PitZone will be emailed to you to complete this step.   You must complete the entire registration process, so that your rider shows as “Practice Ready: Yes”.

4. A timed lap will need to be completed by Oct 30.

Two Important Notes:
Both fees are required to ride with the team, as our insurance coverage comes from the league.
2. Your rider will not be allowed to participate until they are ‘Practice Ready’.

Child Information

Parent/Guardian Information

Parent 2

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