NPMTB Team Membership Dues


Please be sure to select the right team (NP or Composite).
Please select:
Newbury Park  (if your rider is at NPHS or one of the middle schools that filters into NPHS)
Composite (if your rider is at a school in Agoura, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks or Camarillo)
If you’re not sure, please contact us first.

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Dues Amounts:

1st year $225
2nd year $200
3rd year $175
4th year $150
5th year $125
6th year $100
7th year $0

Registration / Waiting List
If you haven’t already registered, please complete the Registration form now (click ‘Register’ on the top menu).
If the Dues are sold out, you can submit your name for the Waiting List (click here) and we’ll let you know if a spot becomes available.

Cost to race:
There are two fees for the team:  team dues are paid (here on our web site ), and the league registration fee is paid on the PitZone after you sign up (varied between $100-200 over the last couple years)
Both are required to ride with the team, as our insurance coverage comes from the league.
SOCAL League membership – $100
Per race fee (pay as you go, prior to each race) – $60 HS or $40 Jr. HS
Team Jersey – usually costs about $60

So, total cost of a 1st year high school racer (including dues) that races all season and state champs = $745
Jersey $60 + 1st yr. dues $225 + SOCAL $100 + 5 regular season races x $60) + state champs (optional) $60)

Total cost of a 1st year middle school racer (including dues) that races all 5 races = $585
Jersey $60 + 1st yr. dues $225 + SOCAL $100 + 5 regular season races x $40)

Please note: dues are generally non-refundable.  We can make exceptions during the pre-season on a case by case basis, but once the team is full and we’ve started turning away riders, refunds will only be considered if we are able to fill your spot.  Once the season has started, dues are non-refundable.

Additional information

Annual Dues

First Year, Second Year, Third Year, Fourth Year, Fifth Year, Sixth Year, Seventh Year

NP or Composite

Newbury Park, Composite (Conejo or Agoura/Westlake)