Coach Joe Lake Perris Feed Zone Volunteer Sign Up – Time to Feed!

Hello Team and Families,

Our First Race is Here! Time to Feed at Lake Perris!  Call for Volunteers!

We had some great help last year.  We are looking for volunteers for the Feed Zone!

The feed zone is the only area on the course where food and drink can be passed to the riders.  While not every rider takes food or drink from the feed zone, all get encouragement as they go by.  The feed zone is alway fun.  It is near the finish and a great place to see riders blaze by!

If you are new to the feed zone, no worries, we will train you.

With our Middle School Race on Saturday, we are looking for volunteers for the 2:00 PM race, 3:00 PM. race and the 4:00 PM race.  We have 50 Newbury Park riders signed up for the Middle School Race!

If you are able to help out, please sign-up on the Team Website:

You can go to: and select “Sign Up Sheets” at the top of the page or go directly to the sign-up sheet:

Then select the Middle School Saturday sheet or the High School Sunday sheet and sign-up for the race(s) you will support.  It is a fun place to be an active participant in the races.


Saturday Middle School Race – 50 NPHS Riders

2:00 at feed zone/2:00 PM Wave Start – 14 NPHS riders – 2 Laps – 4 Feeders

3:00 at feed zone/3:00 PM Wave Start – 25 NPHS Rider – 2 Laps – 5 Feeders

4:00 at feed zone/4:00 PM Wave Start – 11 NPHS riders – 2 Laps – 4 feeders

Sunday High School Race – 28 NPHS Riders

JV1 Race – 5 NPHS Riders – 2 Laps

9:15 at feed zone/9:15 Wave Start – 2 feeders

Freshman Race – 7 NPHS Riders – 2 Laps

10:30 at feed zone/10:30 Wave Start – 3 feeders

Girls Race – 8 NPHS Riders

Varsity Girls – 3 Laps / JV2 Girls – 2 Laps / JV1 – 2 Laps / Freshman Girls – 2 Laps

11:45 at feed zone/11:45 Wave Start – 3 feeders

Varsity/JV2 Race – 8 NPHS Riders

Varsity – 4 Laps / JV2 – 3 Laps

1:30 at feed zone/1:30 p.m. Wave Start – 3 feeders

Please go to: and sign-up.

If you have any questions please direct them to Joe Ventrone at


Coach Joe