The races take place in different venues throughout Southern California. The Jr. High races take place on Saturday. Also on
Saturday, we set up the team camp for the races and the High Schoolers pre-ride the course. High school races (5 + state
champs) take place on Sunday. Racing takes place in 17 separate divisions:

Girls Varsity
Boys Varsity
Girls Junior Varsity
Boys Junior Varsity
Girls Sophmore
Boys Sophmore
Girls Freshmen
Boys Freshmen
Jr. High Girls Level 1, grades 6-8
Jr. High Girls Level 2, grades 6-8
Jr. High Girls Level 3, grades 7/8
Jr. High Boys Level 1, grade 6
Jr. High Boys Level 1, grade 7                                      See: for placement details
Jr. High Boys Level 1, grade 8
Jr. High Boys Level 2, grades 6/7
Jr. High Boys Level 2, grade 8
Jr. High Boys Level 3, grades 7/8

Each of these divisions is scored separately. The lap distance depends on the course but typically beteen 4 and 7 miles. The
starts are a mass starts from the standing position.

Transportation to the races is the responsibility of the racer. Ride sharing and carpooling will be encouraged. Most races
have camping and hotel accommodations near the race site. The team will provide transportation for bicycles and
equipment if needed.

We encourage racers to stay the entire weekend. This will allow racers to the time needed to familiarze themselves with the
course and to support their team mates in other divisions.

High School races arescored on an individual basis and as a team. Each finisher earns points toward the team score. A
team MUST have girls on the team to score points. Awards are given to individuals and to the teams at each event. Jr. High
races are scored only on an individual basis.

At the end of the season,  there is a state championship for High School which will include the NORCAL league.